Thanks from your winner, John

johnfoster-wThat was an intense but amazing two weeks of science. Thanks to all the students for their great questions (and votes!) and the teachers for getting them involved. Thanks also to the staff at I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here, for organising everything and keeping it running so smoothly. Finally, thanks to all the other scientists in the Organ Zone we had some great chats and answers to questions.

It was a really interesting event to take part in and the questions really got me thinking; although, the live chats were very speedy so I didn’t have much thinking time then! It was great to have some BIG questions like “Will we ever find a cure for cancer?”. It was also really nice to have lots of questions that were about how we do science research. I hope that my answers have helped some of the students who are thinking of continuing with the sciences and may one day want a career in research.

The whole experience has made me even more enthusiastic about my own research and keen to continue with scientific outreach work. I will be using the prize money to support an interactive science education centre for school students called Centre of the Cell. I would love to take part again and I would encourage others to give it a go as well.

Thanks to everyone,


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